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And we do it with great passion energy and conviction. Design excellence from the beach house to the boardroom from are first sketches to our final constructed details.

AMI is an International Award Winning Interior Design and Architectural studio based in London and West Sussex.

Founded in 2005 and comprising of a fun loving team of experienced talented designers and architects .We specialise in the delivery of bespoke exciting design solutions to an exceptionally high standard in all forms of commercial and residential projects with great passion and enthusiasm with inspirational results. However complex, strategic large or small the project, if you need a talented small firm that will push the boundaries ,tailoring a design to your individual tastes look no further we are glad you found us.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

Leonardo da Vinci


At AMI we are a team of researchers, brand strategists, interior designers, architects and graphic designers. We work in unison to create a seamless memorable experience.

Branding & Identity
Interior Design
Workplace Strategy
Graphic Design
Project Management


Desirability – what do people desire?
Feasibility – what is technically and organisationally feasible?
Viability – what can be financially viable?
Implementation – what programme and degree of quality?


Nothing grips ups more tightly than the power of a beautifully designed space or building. Our aim is to perfect that unique vision for each client.

Our ethos is to innovate and excite whilst focussing on high quality, well considered design by listening, challenging and directing the client towards their chosen path. Our spaces are intuitive and beautifully simple.

Meet our team

We love what we do and we do it with passion

Ann MacDonald

Ann MacDonald

Awesome Designer and MD
Katherine Huskinson

Katherine Huskinson

Organiser Extraordinaire
Andrew Hinton

Andrew Hinton

Architectural Wizard
Stuart Teuwsen-Cooke-Jackson

Stuart Teuwsen-Cooke-Jackson

Talented CGI Creator
Tosh Townsend

Tosh Townsend

IT Guru

Our Clients

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